I do the same

I do the same when I need to wake up,
I stare and change my alarm clock,
It is just for a few hours,
And I wake up for the hour;
When the day is soon retiring
Breathe! I say, when fear becomes my tumour,
Not here or there, I see living,
An echo in my shadow, shown,
Slivering through a darkened glow.
I go to that of the surface.
And I do the same for all the others,
At truths I stare and change, for me,
To bear witness only at my night,
To insufficient remedies,
And now I lay awake at owl’s delight,
Wishing “Not the same”.


Many years of friendship in less words than it deserves


We grew up faster
Than we should have
Held each other afloat
In the stormy waters

With your heartbreak
And my expected loss
We came out together
When tears ran dry

I held your hand
When he left you
And you held mine
When she was gone

When words no longer worked
And hands no longer held
There is little left to save
Of what once was ours

My friend, my friend
I am still here
We are cities apart
But always near



It is said that quiet means peace
But I have never met a silence so violent
An explosion concealed by a gentle face

I remember watching
The sky turn pink behind you
As you stared back at me.
I can’t remember what you said.

There were no cuts or bruises
No harsh words or objections
Just empty space between two strangers.

And I tried hiding
But there is no distraction
From what is real

The sky faded to a dull blue
Then it was black
I still don’t remember what you said.