I’m really happy about this week’s Doctor Who episode. Ever since she arrived, I’ve disliked Clara Oswald and now (hopefully) we might finally get rid of her.

1. Threatening to hit the Doctor is not okay

2. Ever since the Doctor regenerated, Clara never seemed to appreciate travelling with the him

Nevertheless, I’m glad there’s some depth about her character now. She was essentially Smith’s rebound companion.

A WONDERFUL FACT to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. A solemn consideration, when I enter a great city by night, that every one of those darkly clustered houses encloses its own secret; that every room in every one of them encloses its own secret; that every beating heart in the hundreds of thousands of breasts there, is, in some of its imaginings, a secret to the heart nearest it! Something of the awfulness, even of Death itself, is referable to this. No more can I turn the leaves of this dear book that I loved, and vainly hope in time to read it all. No more can I look into the depths of this unfathomable water, wherein, as momentary lights glanced into it, I have had glimpses of buried treasure and other things submerged. It was appointed that the book should shut with a spring, for ever and for ever, when I had read but a page. It was appointed that the water should be locked in an eternal frost, when the light was playing on its surface, and I stood in ignorance on the shore. My friend is dead, my neighbour is dead, my love, the darling of my soul, is dead; it is the inexorable consolidation and perpetuation of the secret that was always in that individuality, and which I shall carry in mine to my life’s end. In any of the burial-places of this city through which I pass, is there a sleeper more inscrutable than its busy inhabitants are, in their innermost personality, to me, or than I am to them?

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens


Many years of friendship in less words than it deserves


We grew up faster
Than we should have
Held each other afloat
In the stormy waters

With your heartbreak
And my expected loss
We came out together
When tears ran dry

I held your hand
When he left you
And you held mine
When she was gone

When words no longer worked
And hands no longer held
There is little left to save
Of what once was ours

My friend, my friend
I am still here
We are cities apart
But always near